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I found myself looking up the rule of thumb when it comes to eye contact..I’m not really socially compliant, and so I needed to know if it was ‘just me’ but, when walking toward someone, my eyes will naturally take in the whole picture of the person, but once standing face to face, eye contact is key. However, when taking a break, my eyes wander elsewhere, not on other body parts of the person unless I’m prepared to issue a comment/compliment in regards…yet, I have been the recipient of this type of ‘distraction’ several times, I’ve been sized up from the floor up upon greeting, from one who ‘heard all about me’ behind my back, and then there’s the times I followed the other person’s eyes right to my bosom (though back in the days, my lack of coverage deemed an eye gazing invite appropriate), and just yesterday I followed a set of eyes to my midsection…repeatedly roaming in mid conversation…it was..blatantly eery…I had to ask, ‘are you looking at my belt or my gut?’…which was followed by an unresponsive chuckle…and a quick return to their habitual nature of analytical behavior..projections that may lay within the portrait portrayed, is a mystery..not worth solving …but, I’m just wondering…is it just me?

Sometimes the courage to be true to yourself comes in the form of an out-loud declaration, a rebellion, or a love-drenched vow. Other times it’s a quiet conviction that we can read in your eyes. Mighty or discreet, authenticity is the muscle that helps you shake up beliefs, policies, and restraints, and gives you the strength to do the things some say can’t be done.

-~Danielle LaPorte, The Fire Starter Sessions