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Photo credits: http://www.messagefrommasters.com/Osho/osho/Osho-on-Mahavira-Life-Chitrabhanu.html

Human consciousness has not grown for centuries. Only once in a while someone blossoms–but in millions of people, the blossoming of one person is not a rule, it is the exception. And because that person is alone, the crowd cannot tolerate him. His existence becomes a kind of humiliation; his very presence feels insulting because he opens your eyes, makes you aware of your potential and your future.

And it hurts your ego that you have done nothing to grow, to be more conscious, to be more loving, more ecstatic, more creative, more silent–to create a beautiful world around you. You have not contributed to the world; your existence has not been a blessing here but a curse. You introduce into the world your anger, your violence, your jealousy, your competitiveness, your lust for power. You make the world a battlefield; you are bloodthirsty. and you make others bloodthirsty. You deprive humanity of its humanness. You help man to fall below humanity, even sometimes below animals.

Hence a Buddha or a Chuang Tzu hurts you because they have blossomed and you are just standing there. Springs come and go, and nothing blossoms in you. No birds come and make their nests near you and sing their songs around you. It is better to crucify a Jesus and poison a Socrates–just to remove them, so that you need not feel in any way spiritually inferior.

The world has known only very few rebels. But now is the time: if humanity proves incapable of producing a large number of rebels, a rebellious spirit, then our days on the earth are numbered. Then the coming decades may become our graveyard. We are coming very close to that point.

We have to change our consciousness, create more meditative energy in the world, create more lovingness. we have to destroy the old–its ugliness, its rotten ideologies, its stupid discriminations, idiotic superstitions–and create a new human being with fresh eyes, with new values. A discontinuity with the past–that’s the meaning of rebelliousness.”

~Osho, The Book Of Understanding

There’s the saying, ‘we hate what we don’t understand’ –well, when I first began to publicly embrace the new and discard the old ways of being, I was looked at with questioning glares masked with fake grins, I was watched under close eyes for signs of deception…I felt like an outcast, and it did hurt my feelings, but when I first read this section from Osho, I felt so empowered, and so full of compassion for those who have yet to blossom in the Spring and whither in the Winter…seasons change yet some people remain the same, when you awaken, it hurts to see loved ones still sleeping, but I have finally learned that compassion is the foundation of detachment.

How glorious it is – and also how painful – to be an exception.

~Alfred de Musset