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Photo Credit: http://www.myclassroomcommunity.com/?p=28

Now that my life is pretty much free from drama, I became a ‘I write when I feel like it’ type of person, granted, I grab my voice recorder and notebook throughout the day to record partial thoughts, or lyrics to expand on at a later time, I am not currently writing a book, and so I cannot to relate to the pressure that many of you go through. I am failing big time with the morning pages challenge from Julia Cameron‘s book ‘The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity‘. I am to write three pages (it doesn’t help that I started out using a huge journal with single spaced lines) each morning before getting up out of the bed (did I mention I am not a morning person), it is my alone time with God. I am all about morning meditation, but there’s just something about the pen that draws out my vulnerableness. The mornings I show up to write, I am crying before I even reach the third page. I don’t mind crying, I used to cry all the time (always in private). But I think it has led to my resistance as well. I write to God all the time, so I think there’s definitely a connection with my just coming out of the delta state (brainwave frequency associated with deep sleep) and the openness of my emotions. I have read several writing challenge blogs here at wordpress, you’ve inspired me to evaluate my own progress, or lack thereof. I just started the morning pages challenge last weekend (after having bought a new journal for the challenge a month prior), skipped Monday through Friday (though I did reach for the pen a couple of mornings, held it, while going back to sleep), started back up on Saturday, and then when I woke up this morning. I resisted.

Photo taken of me in South Padre Island, TX 2011