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I love gazing into the majestic creations of the sky..day in and day out. I find serenity in just sitting outside with my neck leaned back, and my chin lifted, astonished with a childlike wonder. Needless to say, I have been excited about the supermoon for the last few days. I had saw the moon several hours ago while driving, the excitement immediately surged through me, I smiled and told the moon we shall meet again tonight (Yes, I do talk to the moon, stars, trees, etc). The supermoon was to appear on the east coast at 11:35pm. I wrote out my long list of parts embedded in me, that no longer served my whole…doubt, fear, self criticism, guilt, shame, and the list continued…I folded the paper several times, and then rolled it tightly, so that it would burn slowly during my meditation. I went outside only to find an overcast of gray clouds without a moon in sight. My heart sank, I stood there for a moment in disbelief. I took a deep breath in hopes of quieting the uproar from my chattering thoughts caused by this disappointment. I then began to review my list, mentally informing each trait that it is now time to say goodbye. I deeply inhaled the intention to move forward, and exhaled the futile energies that has been keeping me stagnant. After I lit the page, my negative thoughts (i.e. ‘This isnt working’) were hushed into silence, as I…leaned my neck back, and lifted my chin, focusing on the gray shades of unknown…after about 20 minutes of emerging the inhales, exhales, affirmations, and monitoring the flame, all while gazing up at what appeared to be the depth of nothingness..I noticed a slight break in the clouds..I starred at the opening for a while, anxiously, but it wouldn’t move, and so I allowed it to be, and resumed my meditation while taking in the sky in its entirety.. a while later..it happened, the parted cloud began to shift..I followed it’s slow pace until it revealed the moon!! I may have only had a few seconds under the moonlight, but I was extremely grateful for the moment. I felt as if the sky had opened up just for me, as if I was being rewarded for my faith, going forward with the plan of releasing my negativity, starring into the clouds of uncertainty but with a sense of knowing that what was hidden would be revealed to me upon surrendering…..