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Sometime I go to bed with my earphones in, listening to affirmations from Louise L Hay and the likes off of youtube. One day it dawned on me, I had been doing self hypnosis..my curiosity got the best of me as usual, so I decided to buy an inexpensive (under $3) nook book to gather further insight most likely not ‘googable’…

In Master Self Hypnosis in 7 Days by Author James, he does a fine job of clearing up the misconception:

“For many people, the word “hypnosis” conjures images of mysterious men with swinging pendulums, holding innocent individuals under their sway. You would often read or hear of people saying, “Never look into a hypnotist’s eyes!” as if hypnotists have magic of their own and anyone can fall into their complete control, like robots. Popular culture hasn’t helped clear the air of such misconceptions and fallacies. There have been countless movies depicting hypnosis as a means to gain an unfair amount of control over a person’s subconscious.”

Affirmations are the root of self-hypnosis…when we are in our alpha brainwave (deep meditation state)..we are given the opportunity to penetrate our subconscious…to undo every ill thing spoken/done to us that we accepted and no longer consciously realize it’s grasp on our being (i.e. you’re not good enough, worthy enough, etc)…we must become archeologists..digging through our history of development…if I was to break the barrier to my subconscious, I could recollect all the memories that I have blocked along the years..I could come to an even better understanding…to me that would be like discovering buried treasures. I am seriously planning on recording a written script, to help unlock the door to hidden hallways within my mind.

But back to my Affirmation Category Intro..:)

In the book, Creative Visualizations by Shatki Gawain, she lists the following four basic steps, to which I have printed and posted in multiple places:

1. Set Your Goal – Decide on something you would like to have, work toward, realize, or create (whether concrete or abstract). 1st choose goals more easier for you to believe in, followed by the more difficult ones after practice.

2. Create a Clear Idea or Picture – Mentally visualize your desired outcome/object exactly as you want it. Think of it in the present tense as already existing. Include as many details as you can (i created a visual board, as well as in my journal – also helpful).

3. Focus On It Often – Both in quiet meditation and while going about your day when it comes to mind (think of it positively when you find yourself worrying over its production/outcome..direct your energy/thoughts wisely). This way it becomes an integrated part of your life, it becomes more of a reality, and you project it more effectively as so. Don’t put an excessive amount of energy into it, focus on it clearly, yet in a light, gentle way.

4. Give it Positive energy – Make strong positive statements about it (affirmations): that it exists, that is has come,or is now coming to you. See yourself receiving and achieving it. When affirming, suspend your current doubts for the moment.

In the alpha state, when we use affirmations and visualizations, it manifests into reality, this is due to the theory that our subconscious mind believes what it is told to be true when we are in this state…our subconscious does not know space or time (hence, how we perceive ourselves and others based on what we accepted as true (beliefs) from decades ago) Because of this, our subconscious mind doesn’t understand “I will” as it is in the undefined future, “will” never happens, which is why it’s essential to speak affirmations in the present tense.

Focus my dear, focus..on the possibilities…or the problems..you choose your creation, of self fulling prophecies…life and death is in the power of the swordverses (Proverbs 18:21) become…salivating thoughts dripping in the well…of wishes……….(“A poem is never finished only abandoned” ~Paul Valery)

Happy Co-creating!!