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Photo credit: Mystic Peace    ~As we journey together in and through the field of this blog, may sparks be ignited in your heart of hearts, and perhaps one day we may journey together to sacred sites and lands, joining our fields of existence and transforming one another in this grand journey of life. ~Maxim Gorky, Mystic Peace Blog

Don’t strive so much to complete your worldy affairs;

don’t strive in any affair that’s not sacred.

Otherwise at the end, you’ll leave incomplete,

your spiritual affairs damaged and your bread unbaked.The beautifying of your grave isn’t done

by means of wood and stone and plaster;

no, but by digging your grave in spiritual purity

and burying your own selfhood in His,

and by becoming His dust, buried in love of Him,

so that from His breath, yours may be replenished.


I randomly flipped to this message in my ‘The Pocket Rumi’ booklet and immediately thought of life purposes and passions and just had to share this reading with you..despite the thought of returning to post before responding to the Award nominations, which have been outstanding since before I left for my Honeydew trip (Ft Hood) this past long (but short when reflecting) weekend…earlier today, I finally broke the ice with an old fashioned pen and pad, I wrote out some of my 7 things ‘about self’ section …but amongst these ramblings, I truly apologize for the nominations that have yet to be officially answered and sent forward to recognize some of the bloggers that truly move me with their presence…i thought of this place while on vacation. :), I missed WordPress…but in a second place kinda way (as I just explained to my sweetie)..as I was finally embracing my #1 in it’s physical form. 🙂

Fear forms a form of resistance by way of procrastination….I’m thinking…I’m loving..the recognition of this potential..soul injury.. Inasmuch as..through this writing..as I write..during what now has been written..(and posted if you’re reading)..I know it was sent to me..between the lines.of.journal entries..while ‘pressing the word’..meditatively.messaging me..clue words trigger my journey’s healing energies..followed by..a smiley face.. and affirmations..to accelerate.this..Sacred work.

‘Do’ even when you don’t get through..push anyhow..it’ll make the next go in so much more….of something absolutely beautiful..and rewarding.