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First I would like to extend my apologies for not responding to these awards much sooner. I can now relax..and move on from the self criticism and start blogging again;). I have decided to not follow the rules of each award this time, instead, I decided to include a link from each blog that I enjoyed, and believe you will enjoy as well.

I was listening to the Pandora radio station this morning while driving in to work, a car commercial aired, in which a deep, rich voice announced,”Trophies and awards will lift you up, but they may also hold you down…unless you ask, What’s next?”

After hearing the punchline to this commercial for some automobile I can’t recall, I immediately remembered the article by Jeff Goins I just read in which he discussed the importance of remaining authentic to our voice when blogging..and when to take a break from blogging. When I read the article, I smiled, knowing that the blogs I follow are the exception to his rule. 🙂

I find it ironic that we are (blog) followers of (blog) followers…when in actuality, we are all leaders…we’ve come to lead, to learn, and to grow. I appreciate your contribution, your wit, your humor, your art, your insight, your knowledge, your gifts, your presence. I look forward to sharing and receiving….and so I now must ask, “What’s next?”

Worldly Winds (Recommended read: Wilderness Years),

The Jotter’s Joint (Recommended read: Writing a writer’s plight), and

Ravenous for Life (Recommended read: Regrets)

Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I humbly accept your honorable recognition..I now send it on with love to:

Liebster Award Nominees:                                 

Courting Madness ~ I love you, but…

ShangBee Writes ~ So much depends on a window

Jen Thoughts ~ Mental State of Mind

This Unlit Light ~ Your Original Luminous Brilliance

Deeper Cravings ~ Worn Path to the Mirror

Think.Feel.Write ~ Soul’s Cry

A Serendipitous Happenstance ~ Getting to know your main character

Gina’s Professions for peace (Recommended post: Self-love comes from a full well), please accept my gratitude for your thoughtfulness in nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I now nominate the following beautiful bloggers:


Beautiful Blogger Nominees:

Seventh Voice ~ Wish in one

hand, Spit in the other

Heaven4Earth ~ Crown Yourself

The Jolyn Project ~ Learn and Love: Everything is in your favor

SpiritualMysticism ~ Am I walking the path my Soul intended?

Meanwhile, Melody Muses ~ Bridge Beckoned

Awakening Psyche ~ Everything and Nothing

SilverPoetry ~ Diamond Light

Boomie Bol (Recommended post: I think of him I weep for him) thank you so much for nominating me for such an honorable award, I gratefully accept and pass the recognition on to the following nominees:

Commentator Award Nominees:                               

Pathfinders Commune ~ Word Intuitive

Zen Being ~ Words we say without thinking

Quinncreative ~ The Slash Career

Silently Heard Once ~ Fate Be Told

Renard Moreau Presents ~ Just Pondering Part 119

The opinionated madman ~ I am NUMB

Nifti’s Book ~ A Mid Week Affirmation

frankoshanko (Recommended article: Want the love of your life?) and

sharingMeMyselfandI (Recommended reading: Daily music to my ears)

thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I gratefully accept your recognition. I now pass the torch to:

Versatile Award Nominees: 

Creative Ideas for Starving Artists ~ Where are all the stars, Simon?

Lead.Learn.Live ~ If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree

The Subterranean World ~ Beyond the Horizon

Heartofiphigenia ~ Timing

MarriageCoach1 ~ To live happily ever after, love like a puppy

Sage ~ Miracles Happen

True Consciousness ~ Take a look at yourself, What are you creating?

The Jolyn Project (Recommended post: Be inspired: Structure Your World) thank you kindly for nominating me for the Reader’s Appreciation Award! I accept your nomination with a sincere gratitude. I would like to extend my appreciation to the following:

Reader’s Appreciation Award

Arab Writer Chick ~ One

Unsung Poet ~ In Memory Of

Blank Canvas ~ Tiredness

MountainMae ~ A Light Question

Shian Writes ~ Song of Solomon

Past Tense for Graffiti ~ She

Reality In Progress ~ Inspired Expressions