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Practice is…passing up a night of making the kind of memories with friends that will be forgotten by daylight.

Practice is…not being in the know of who said what on ‘I never heard of it’ TV show..

Practice is…a promise not to forfeit the fight against frustration and fear.

Practice is…a state of mentality…for I am as successful as I make up my mind to be.

Practice is…feeling drained from a 9-5 that doesn’t define me, followed by an hour commute (DC & VA daily traffic jam), and the pressure of last minute planning my upcoming wedding…leaving me to borrow time from my sleep..in order to pursue the dreams that have now awakened me.

Practice is…the part I wish I could skip over at times.

Practice is…blood shot eyes and irritation.

Practice is…taking a break for deep breathing, and prayer…

Practice is…perfecting my imperfections.

Practice is…being mindful of the thoughts that tell me I’m not good enough…and doing my best not to pay them any mind, as I press on with perseverance..

Practice is…deciding to stand up to my Mercury in 12th House limitations..

Practice is…index cards filled with ideas, and new words to learn.

Practice is…forgetting that I haven’t eaten in a while..maybe I should pause now..and come back..but..wait..right after I finish this thought….

Practice is…give me 10 more minutes, I’ll call you RIGHT back…