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It is not enough to declare, believe, initiate, practice..one must prepare.

I am reminded of the parable in the Bible of the 10 virgins..5 of them prepared for the evening by bringing some back up ‘midnight’ oil for their lamps..the 5 that did not had to run back home to refuel their lamps since the groomsmen were now delayed. Once they came back the groomsmen had already arrived, leaving the 5 who missed the ‘meet & greet’ disqualified.

I imagine, earlier that evening, all 10 of them had a slumber party, giggling and dancing as they declare and believe…maybe on the inside they’re anxious to initiate, while practicing their greetings and pleasantries…however,  5 of the virgins walked into an open opportunity blindly, and as a result was never given the chance to reveal the art within.

Preparation is essential to the foundation of any manifestation…the overtime worked while on salary, the research, planning, the organizing, decluttering (of things, people, situations, and thoughts that no longer serve us), the grounding of a sound mind…..as I write this I realize it’s been a while since I’ve taken time from writing to pull out my references: big book of synonyms, a song writing book I’ve barely looked at yet, vocabulary builders, online blogs and tutorials (for photography), etc…I now declare to take out my multicolored pens, index cards, and highlighters this weekend for my studies….

…and thanks to Rachelle’s (who is also taking the Challenge) blog, Summer reading for writers, I found interest in her recommendation Getting into Character by Brandylin Collins and purchased a used copy on Amazon for under $5.

I am realizing that by doing the work, the Universe will delight in my efforts..I mustn’t be too ambitious producing an assertive ego, I mustn’t push or force which only goes against the flow of surrendering, I believe that by doing my due diligence, keeping a positive attitude, and tuning into my intuition…I will know when, who, what and where, and will approach them accordingly….unless it is within accordance that they approach me 1st. 🙂

Affirmation: I realize the importance of my groundwork.