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and all of a sudden it hits u

I’ve got to do something different

the way the wind blows

against the left earlobe

or tickles the hair in the mustache

brushes up against the hairs on the right arm

or the tingle it causes to race up the spine

an inkling…

a compulsion…


the Unction

that last one is relative to Spirit

and it is by the Spirit that we should all be lead

driven to new heights


aspirations and goals

it is..

this… Unction

that causes the baby to make its exodus

sometimes weeks early and still survive

as though it were precisely timed for that moment

even if parts were still developing

the child’s spirit is ready to know Life

to become alive… and to live…

to withstand the process of building character

through pain even from birth

The Spirit untried

is already true.

When the time comes

one must not be afraid to move

but willing… at whatever the cost

to move…

at the Unction of the Spirit

it is Divinely ordered

and set up that way…

unable to say a word

the flowers do this…

trees break new ground…

the winds…

of change warrant Change

and all of Nature responds.

are we not Nature’s Own?

our wings bear our weight

the breeze beckons us to a dance

our hearts desire to soar

and we stand teetering on the edge…

mount up…

trust in the Spirit that you are

a divine entity

not confounded

not glued down

not constricted by time and space

not tied down by fear


but driven





in this very moment

are aware

that you have been


to fly” 

Poem and Photo registered and protected by Maurice Bolden 2012