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Great Writers Share Others’ Work

I truly believe we are here (on planet Earth, not just WordPress) to bless and prosper each other. Unfortunately, I have witnessed upcoming artist hesitant to promote the work of someone else, resulting in taking parts of another’s work, calling it their own..or not sharing resources, in fear that the other person may find their way to the top much faster. Today’s challenge encourages the sharing of other people’s work and ideas. I am more than excited, as just yesterday my good friend Maurice uploaded a new poem onto Facebook titled: Something Like a Leaf in the Wind.

(Photo by Maurice Bolden)

My MBTI personality type is an INFP, my friend Maurice is an ENFP…which basically means he’s an extroverted version of me. We met in Oklahoma where I attended college after leaving Oklahoma in the 10th grade. Maurice is charged with such inspiring energy, he definitely has an eye for beauty, which is represented in his photography…and his words are articulated with such art…and beauty. His love for life and humanity pours over into his work at a drug rehabilitation center. Maurice was definitely my teacher in a former lifetime, and a lover the lifetime before that one. I know you’ll enjoy his presence here.

Picture of me taken by Maurice Bolden 2010