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The window to my soul

has become hidden behind

thick pleated curtains

of deep distrust

draped with precision

to prevent periphery.


lately I’ve been faced

with deceptive eyes

longing for the access

into mine.

For reasons unknown to me consciously, I have chosen two coworkers to teach me lessons by way of annoying pop quizzes. As they whispered and giggled, I continued to mind my business while tending to the task at hand. And then suddenly, their voices slipped out of a hush toned..by karmic accident, revealing my name in slander…once again. Taken off guard, I got up out of my seat, left my office, peered through the cracked door to shoot them a knowing glance, as I headed outside to calm down my startled energy.

My lack of response must have touched their conscious…as my office was later intruded with probing eyes and talks of God, and how we are all sinners with different vices…I listened, but didn’t add much…I never do, for I know that anything I share about my inner world to these two will travel from door to door throughout the hallways sharing the Gospel according to the Great Gossipers…In hindsight, I now understand why my privacy upsets them.


Intuitively, I know that the life I’m dedicated to living makes such faithful churchgoers uncomfortable..unconsciously upset that I turn my back on things that doesn’t concern me..such as other people’s personal business.

Ironically, the theme for Day 3 of Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge was Freedom to Forgive. Early this morning, between tossing and turning, reading, writing, the New Moon entered Cancer!! How could this not make perfect sense?! My body suggested I take a mental health day off from work this morning, I am now being rewarded for my obedience.

I read not too long ago, ‘Whatever is said about you is a reflection of them, your reaction is the awareness of you.’ ~Unknown

This post is a reminder to forgive your neighbors and love them unconditionally…even if they are nosy and full of gossip. Pray for them, send them love and healing, for they are struggling with inner chaos beyond their comprehension.