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Visible and Real

Somehow, my Google Reader feed is showing 1000+ unread items. It feels a bit overwhelming. But, I’m slowly going through them. The next few weeks of Weekend Reads might be kind of long. Just warning you!

Share your comments and your own great finds in the comments (or your own blog)! Just be sure to point me in that direction 🙂

Be Inspired
Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits has some interesting ideas on how to get inspired – even when you don’t want to. (Interesting thoughts to my post on practice.)

An Optimist, a Pessimist, and  Realist Walk Into a Bar…
A great post from The Jotter’s Joint about the Optimist and Pessimist selves in the creative process.

Conservation of Anxiety
Oh, Seth Godin. How do you know what’s in my brain? And what I need to hear?

20 Strategies for Tackling that “Bottomless Pit” of Writing

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