Thank you Gina!!

Professions for PEACE


I am a passionate person. Whatever I undertake, I put my all into it. When I was a child I adored swinging and wanted to swing right over the bar. I loved perfecting my swing technique and being as fast and strong as possible. That moment of weightlessness at the top of the arc was worth everything. It felt like flying.

My way of guiding my creativity sometimes results in a lack of balance. I will grab onto an idea and research it for hours. I am tenacious about whatever I set out to do. With my blogging, after six months of building and maintaining two blogs, and nearly 200 posts and 3000 comments later, I am longing for balance. Even now in my forties I see that I am still the kind of person who tends to swing into extremes. I can only hope that in growing older, or…

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